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answered: How to handle any problem in life?

 It is good to have fun and pleasure. We all need it! 

I think that we agree on this …

However, I would like you to try to understand my viewpoint today…
Yes, having fun and pleasure is a necessity but it does not construct anything.
So that I hope that you will keep reading even if there is no fun involved in this lesson.

“How to handle any problem in  life?”
Every one has his own way to handle a problem and  I would like to share my thoughts on this subject today…

I think this information is native to you, therefore, it’ll simply be a reminder…

Let me give you a definition of a problem first :

“A problem is a conflict arising from two opposing intention”.

We encounter different problems during life…
Some of them easy to handle and some not!

There are good problems as well…

For example, You forgot to buy something from the grocery store or your car break down
in the middle of nowhere …You can handle it in a certain time period and they won’t persist
as long as you take action to create a solution.
There are different kinds of problems and each requires different handling … BUT we are going to look at the subject based on the definition above.

A problem can be objective and observable on both side or subjective…If it is subjective then
both sides may have different opinions…
It is totally okay because every individual has her/his own universe and experience a different reality.

Handling a problem and the way you handle it – is very important in terms of your survival, especially when it comes to solving a problem with another person.

As I said every individual has her/his own universe and experience a different reality. Therefore
we need to improve some qualities to handle a problem without harming each other.

Remember that the problem will persist unless we create a solution about it. Problem-solving is an ability and requires knowledge, wisdom as well as practice…
I think that ” It is worth it to put some effort to have/improve these qualities below for everyone’s good.”

First, we have to find the source of the problem and this step may be more difficult than we may assume.
Spotting the true source of a problem requires a lot of practice as well as high level of self-integrity.

Please read the following items and think about each item for a moment…

  1. Willingness to handle a problem.( don’t let negative emotions  stop you such as hatred, judgment, pride etc.)
  2. Self-integrity and honesty. (required to find inner peace)
  3. Willingness /Ability to confront and look into it closer. (It is difficult and disturbing but it ‘ll get easier by practice)
  4. Willingness / Ability to see AS IT IS without justification or altering what it is … (perception is such a big subject I won’t tap into it here )
  5. Willingness / Ability to change viewpoint. (not empathy, empathy just creates more confusion about One’s identity )
  6. Communication followed by understanding…(with positive intention to find out the truth rather than a desire to be Right! )

Did you notice that the first five item is happening in your universe? The sixth item is Communication
and you start interacting with another.( Communication is a major subject in itself also).
Therefore it is vital to increase our awareness in our own universe then we can go beyond assumption. 

Wouldn’t it be-be easier to get a medical drug from a pharmacy and it does everything for us?  Or learn a secret to handle any issue in a second?
There are many products out there for a quick fix because there are plenty people who are looking for the quick fix … 

Mental fortitude comes with practice… (mental fortitude: strength of mind, strength of character, moral strength, toughness of spirit) 

The six items above is vital to practice for breaking down mental patterns as well as ascending towards higher consciousness.

That is all for now. I can probably create a course from this e-mail by itself if I go into detail…

If you read this e-mail then big CONGRATS to you! 

I would like to hear if you have any thoughts or comments…

Matthew Kettle

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Number One Reason why people fail towards manifesting their dream life?          
Part I

To be honest, there are more than one reason and all of these are interrelated. I can talk for hours and create a course based on this question. However, there is one specific reason that I would like to talk about today and it is -  Q&A. 

Q - is simply questioning.

A - is answering.

Add the two together and you get Q&A. 

...before you get totally confused - Let me explain...  It will literally change your life!

Can you recall a time when you were in the middle of a task and you stopped?  Don't  worry if something doesn't pop-up in your mind.

Let me tell you a true story to explain what is Q&A. 

In 2010, New York City, one of my friend asked me if I can sell the tourist maps which he created for New York city. I checked the maps and said yes. Obviously the best place to perform that task is Times Square. I went there and pulled the maps out of my bag to sell. Shortly a police officer approached me and asked if I have permission to sell my friend's maps there?  I showed him my paper work but according to him the paper work was not done correctly.  He asked me to wait there and took my i.d.  Lucky for me, at that moment the police officer's phone rang, he turned back to me, returned all my paper work and i.d. and left.  This is an example of Q&A. The Police Officer had a question, got distracted and did not get the answer. Q&A.

Another example is my friend invited me to dinner and when I arrived I learned that our dinner was burned due to her receiving a phone call.  This phone call was quite important and my friend ended up forgetting the chicken in the oven.  It was burned.  This is another example of Q&A.

My friend intended to cook Dinner, received an important phone call, and got distracted.

Can you see how this example works now?

In all of the examples above, the person sets out to do something, and something comes up which means that which they intended on doing - no longer gets done.

Classic Q&A (distraction).

In an optimum condition One asks a question then One gets an answer.

Wife; Did you put the rubbish out honey, its Monday night, the bins are due tomorrow morning.

Husband; Yes - honey I did .

However, you and I know that sometimes nothing is straight and optimum in life.

Check out the following scenario.

Wife; Hey honey did you put the rubbish bin out? Tomorrow is bin day, and our bins are over-flowing.

Husband; Oh,I love this show - It's the best! I'll watch it now. (started watching TV).

Wife; Yes, me too let's watch it together !

As you see from the above example, Husband  answered her but not the question (Did you put the bins out....) Husband is distracted as well as Wife and she forgot what she asked for! In this case the wife should know how to handle this situation, at the moment her Husband got distracted AND when she also got distracted...  otherwise the bins will not get emptied.

This is an optimum scenario for the wife;

Wife simply needed to ask the question again to get the answer instead of getting distracted. However if wife knew and understood Q&A she wouldn't let herself or her husband get distracted.  Result; Happy wife, ensures happy life.

Sometimes people do Q&A deliberately because they don't want to answer the question. They change the topic with another question or give an answer which is irrelevant to your question. In a worse case scenario -  sometimes they distract you unknowingly and you never complete the cycle of work.

Because Q&A. is so common and people are used to it, we may not see how this habit is holding One back from achieving the success or manifesting the dream life that One desires.

Knowing and understanding all about Q&A is imperative and it would behoove us all to learn everything there is to know about it.  It can quite honestly mean the difference between you achieving your greatest success, goals and dreams - Ever!

Next time we'll dive deeper to see how this behavior/pattern effects One's life in a bigger scale.  

Matthew Kettle

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Number One Reason why people fail toward manifesting their dream life...?          
Part II

 In my blog (part one above) I covered the topic Q&A.  If you have not read it, please read it now, otherwise Part Two will not make sense to you.

Now I will talk about what are the common denominators in the examples (Part One above)?

I can probably give you a dozen of them, however, I just want to mention two of them today because the subject’s are all interrelated (I will cover the full topic in future articles) – think of this in terms of how we think of an onion.  As you peel one layer, you find another, and another and another and all layers are interrelated because all they originated from the same point.

Here are the two common denominators;

Reasoning & Justification.

This brings us to the question, what is Reasoning & Justification?

Reasoning is the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way.

Justification is the action of showing something to be right or reasonable.

But in life, things are not as clear as defined in the Dictionary books (like above)

Logic and rightness can be distorted when the person is under pressure. 

Also everything manifests in the scale of minus and plus (negative and positive).

Because One is not able to manifest the dream life – it doesn’t mean that One is not manifesting anything.  We are in constant manifestation every single moment – the problem is, we are not manifesting knowingly and willingly.

As a sentient being – manifestation is something you cannot stop.

We manifest in an irrational manner as well.   

Same principal applies to Reasoning and Justification, they can be positive, and they can be in a negative zone, depending on the persons mental state at the time.  Breaking this down even more - It means people can reason and justify in an irrational manner or on the opposite side of the scale – in a rational manner.

Remember, One won't get success as long as One is distracted.  If One always gets distracted in life over and over - then, One will experience negative emotions (being a failure etc.)

One can get distracted for any reason but using Reasoning & Justification (in an irrational manner) just to feel better, make Oneself right or blame the others is a specific pattern.  

So this is how reasoning and justification hold us back from manifesting a dream life.

If we look at the examples previously mentioned – like for example the husband & wife and the bin scenario.  The husband was distracted by his favorite TV show and he reasoned & justified by saying "I love this program” (please notice that I don't evaluate his answer whether it is rational or irrational-Q&A is not about being right or wrong, it is all about getting distracted, justification and reasoning is self effort of One to explain why one is distracted to himself and others). 

Please note; If his wife accepts this answer, she would be guilty of Q&A (distraction) as well as him and would not achieve what she intended, which was simply to – have the bins put out.  

At this point, she has two options;

1. Q &A(distraction). which is going to stop her towards achieving her purpose of clean empty bins.

2. Ask the question till she gets the proper answer.

In the example above (Part One) - The police officer had a reason and justified it with his action of walking away. He simply became distracted.

I think that you have an idea why we don’t want to Q&A in life.  Same principles apply to any subject in life….Please think about how this concept can effect your life in a broader way.

Whether we are talking about burning a dinner, taking the rubbish bins out - which may not have serious consequences but if you want to achieve something that can change your financial condition for good, listen up!  

As long as you keep up this bad habit of Q&A(distraction) you will never get in a position to manifest the life of your dreams.  

If you want to achieve something don't let yourself distracted.

So  the bottom line is;

Every day One can get distracted and can choose to reason & justify (in an irrational manner) whatever One encounters just to comfort Oneself, to create certainty,or make Oneself right about every day events.  Knowing (being aware of)  the fact that One is doing it and taking a closer look will help the person to break down this specific pattern.

Reasoning and Justification are part of One’s thought processes and are the two components of Q&A(distraction).   Simply identifying what they are, can aid One in becoming more aware and through this awareness One can spot the patterns that are repeating automatically and break-down the negative patterns from re-occurring!

Also One can be responsible, able to make optimum decisions for oneself and the people in one's vicinity.  In this case, One will not get distracted and be very productive. 

Through continued awareness, training and practicing mindfulness, One can change the game on this specific pattern, which is stopping and holding One back in manifesting their dream life. 

Note; Don't use Reasoning & Justification to explain to yourself why you failed and why you should feel good about it.  I know it's tough... to deal with this.  This is a major step on the way to becoming self-determined and manifesting your best life.

And the prize for this is more than One can imagine....

Please share this article in social media if you thing it is helpful.

Matthew Kettle

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