Number One Reason why people fail toward manifesting their dream life-two

Part Two

In my blog (part one above) I covered the topic Q&A.  If you have not read it, please read it now, otherwise Part Two will not make sense to you.

Now I will talk about what are the common denominators in the examples (Part One above)?

I can probably give you a dozen of them, however, I just want to mention two of them today because the subject’s are all interrelated (I will cover the full topic in future articles) – think of this in terms of how we think of an onion.  As you peel one layer, you find another, and another and another and all layers are interrelated because all they originated from the same point.

Here are the two common denominators;

Reasoning & Justification.

This brings us to the question, what is Reasoning & Justification?

Reasoning is the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way.

Justification is the action of showing something to be right or reasonable.

But in life, things are not as clear as defined in the Dictionary books (like above)

Logic and rightness can be distorted when the person is under pressure.

Also everything manifests in the scale of minus and plus (negative and positive).

Because One is not able to manifest the dream life – it doesn’t mean that One is not manifesting anything.  We are in constant manifestation every single moment – the problem is, we are not manifesting knowingly and willingly.

As a sentient being – manifestation is something you cannot stop.

We manifest in an irrational manner as well.

Same principal applies to Reasoning and Justification, they can be positive, and they can be in a negative zone, depending on the persons mental state at the time.  Breaking this down even more – It means people can reason and justify in an irrational manner or on the opposite side of the scale – in a rational manner.

Remember, One won’t get success as long as One is distracted.  If One always gets distracted in life over and over – then, One will experience negative emotions (being a failure etc.)

One can get distracted for any reason but using Reasoning & Justification (in an irrational manner) just to feel better, make Oneself right or blame the others is a specific pattern.

So this is how reasoning and justification hold us back from manifesting a dream life.

If we look at the examples previously mentioned – like for example the husband & wife and the bin scenario.  The husband was distracted by his favorite TV show and he reasoned & justified by saying “I love this program” (please notice that I don’t evaluate his answer whether it is rational or irrational-Q&A is not about being right or wrong, it is all about getting distracted, justification and reasoning is self effort of One to explain why one is distracted to himself and others).

Please note; If his wife accepts this answer, she would be guilty of Q&A (distraction) as well as him and would not achieve what she intended, which was simply to – have the bins put out.

At this point, she has two options;

1. Q &A(distraction). which is going to stop her towards achieving her purpose of clean empty bins.

2. Ask the question till she gets the proper answer.

In the example above (Part One) – The police officer had a reason and justified it with his action of walking away. He simply became distracted.

I think that you have an idea why we don’t want to Q&A in life.  Same principles apply to any subject in life….Please think about how this concept can effect your life in a broader way.

Whether we are talking about burning a dinner, taking the rubbish bins out – which may not have serious consequences but if you want to achieve something that can change your financial condition for good, listen up!

As long as you keep up this bad habit of Q&A(distraction) you will never get in a position to manifest the life of your dreams.

If you want to achieve something don’t let yourself distracted.

So  the bottom line is;

Every day One can get distracted and can choose to reason & justify (in an irrational manner) whatever One encounters just to comfort Oneself, to create certainty,or make Oneself right about every day events.  Knowing (being aware of)  the fact that One is doing it and taking a closer look will help the person to break down this specific pattern.

Reasoning and Justification are part of One’s thought processes and are the two components of Q&A(distraction).   Simply identifying what they are, can aid One in becoming more aware and through this awareness One can spot the patterns that are repeating automatically and break-down the negative patterns from re-occurring!

Also One can be responsible, able to make optimum decisions for oneself and the people in one’s vicinity.  In this case, One will not get distracted and be very productive.

Through continued awareness, training and practicing mindfulness, One can change the game on this specific pattern, which is stopping and holding One back in manifesting their dream life.

Note; Don’t use Reasoning & Justification to explain to yourself why you failed and why you should feel good about it.  I know it’s tough… to deal with this.  This is a major step on the way to becoming self-determined and manifesting your best life.

And the prize for this is more than One can imagine….

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Matt K. from Magic Bracelet

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