Number One Reason why people fail towards manifesting their dream life-One

Part One

To be honest, there are more than one reason and all of these are interrelated. I can talk for hours and create a course based on this question. However, there is one specific reason that I would like to talk about today and it is –  Q&A. 

Q – is simply questioning.

A – is answering.

Add the two together and you get Q&A. 

…before you get totally confused – Let me explain…  It will literally change your life!

Can you recall a time when you were in the middle of a task and you stopped?  Don’t  worry if something doesn’t pop-up in your mind.

Let me tell you a true story to explain what is Q&A.

In 2010, New York City, one of my friend asked me if I can sell the tourist maps which he created for New York city. I checked the maps and said yes. Obviously the best place to perform that task is Times Square. I went there and pulled the maps out of my bag to sell. Shortly a police officer approached me and asked if I have permission to sell my friend’s maps there?  I showed him my paper work but according to him the paper work was not done correctly.  He asked me to wait there and took my i.d.  Lucky for me, at that moment the police officer’s phone rang, he turned back to me, returned all my paper work and i.d. and left.  This is an example of Q&A. The Police Officer had a question, got distracted and did not get the answer. Q&A.

Another example is my friend invited me to dinner and when I arrived I learned that our dinner was burned due to her receiving a phone call.  This phone call was quite important and my friend ended up forgetting the chicken in the oven.  It was burned.  This is another example of Q&A.

My friend intended to cook Dinner, received an important phone call, and got distracted.

Can you see how this example works now?

In all of the examples above, the person sets out to do something, and something comes up which means that which they intended on doing – no longer gets done.

Classic Q&A (distraction).

In an optimum condition One asks a question then One gets an answer.

Wife; Did you put the rubbish out honey, its Monday night, the bins are due tomorrow morning.

Husband; Yes – honey I did .

However, you and I know that sometimes nothing is straight and optimum in life.

Check out the following scenario.

Wife; Hey honey did you put the rubbish bin out? Tomorrow is bin day, and our bins are over-flowing.

Husband; Oh,I love this show – It’s the best! I’ll watch it now. (started watching TV).

Wife; Yes, me too let’s watch it together !

As you see from the above example, Husband  answered her but not the question (Did you put the bins out….) Husband is distracted as well as Wife and she forgot what she asked for! In this case the wife should know how to handle this situation, at the moment her Husband got distracted AND when she also got distracted…  otherwise the bins will not get emptied.

This is an optimum scenario for the wife;

Wife simply needed to ask the question again to get the answer instead of getting distracted. However if wife knew and understood Q&A she wouldn’t let herself or her husband get distracted.  Result; Happy wife, ensures happy life.

Sometimes people do Q&A deliberately because they don’t want to answer the question. They change the topic with another question or give an answer which is irrelevant to your question. In a worse case scenario –  sometimes they distract you unknowingly and you never complete the cycle of work.

Because Q&A. is so common and people are used to it, we may not see how this habit is holding One back from achieving the success or manifesting the dream life that One desires.

Knowing and understanding all about Q&A is imperative and it would behoove us all to learn everything there is to know about it.  It can quite honestly mean the difference between you achieving your greatest success, goals and dreams – Ever!

Next time we’ll dive deeper to see how this behavior/pattern effects One’s life in a bigger scale.

Matt K. from Magic Bracelet

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